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Study: Rich Chinese nationals want to emigrate

  • June 18th, 2016
    A study among Chinese millionaires has shown that 65% want to obtain permanent residence in overseas Countries. The reasons for wishing to do so is the desire to gain access to better education for their family and to escape the high pollution levels that are found in China and also as they feel uncertain and worried in regards to the status of their wealth in China.

    With 20 years of fast economic growth, Its estimated that there are over 1 million USD($) millionaires in China. A Chinese company named Hurun which is based in Shanghai has interviewed 400 millionaires to find out more their thoughts to emigration.

    The study has found that 65% of those participated in the survey desire to leave from china or at least to gain a permanent residence permit in another county which will allow them to move elsewhere immediately if they wished to. 30% of the participants of the survey have already acquired their foreign permanent residence permits.

    More than 10% annual growth since 1980

    The huge economic growth in China has bloomed since the late 1970 when the government had begun to give incentives for economic growth. The Chinese economy has since grown by more 10% each year since then.

    However in the coastal regions, where a huge part of the industrialization has advanced, has been heavily polluted. Air pollution in the large cities like Beijing and Shanghai, has become so bad that every year millions of people die from it. The World Health Organization estimates that 2.5 million people died from pollution alone in 2012.

    Wealthy Chinese look for better life abroad
    It is without surprise that wealthy Chinese look for a better life abroad for them and their families. Other reasons that make Chinese to look a foreign residence or citizenship, is the worry that they might lose their wealth if kept it in China. Many fear that government corruption may lead officials to attempt to take away their wealth.