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Immigration is getting tougher

  • December 2nd, 2015
    Since 1989 when the Berlin Wall was torn down, over 40 countries on an international basis built fences to more than 60 of their neighbouring countries. The majority have based this action to security measures and the prevention of migration as explanations. The majority of those 30 decisions were after 9/11 attack and 15 of them in 2015 alone. The current events in the Middle East, the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and the huge wave of both refugees and immigrants, has driven most countries to tighten borders and make many immigration reforms that affects immigration and not only refugees.

    Countries in Europe will soon have more physical fences, walls and barriers on their borders than at the time of the Cold War. The continuing refugee crisis, in combination Ukraine and Russia conflict, has forced governments to proceed with planning and constructing border walls and security fences and also to tighten immigration requirements all together.

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